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It's probably been years since I have posted anything here, but I still drop in every few days to check on the chatter and keep up with discussions that look interesting. It's amazing how, despite having never met anyone from this forum in person, I can feel like I'm getting together with old friends when I drop in. (anyone heard anything whacky from Serotonin in a while?)

So I guess it shouldn't be surprising that reading this saddened me so much. Yet it is still surprising.

I'm sorry for your loss Kevin. Deb sounds like she was an amazing person. My goal in life is pretty simple, I'd like to leave the world a better place than I found it. Deb seems like one of those people who did that without even trying. I think the world is probably a bit better off because she was part of it.

I hope that in these difficult times, where we are all so separated from each other, that you can still get the support that you need. Someday I'll pass you on the trail, or in town. I won't know you and you won't know me and nothing magical will happen. But somehow, just knowing that it's likely, or even possible, feels.......good.

Take care my friend,
-Chris (MrKawfey)
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