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Thanks for the trip report, I enjoyed reading it and the pictures are great. That area was where I first got to spend time in the Adirondacks, so I have a nostalgia for it. I'd like to do some version of your loop someday, in a year or three, once I have moved and gotten myself back together. All of it is at least somewhat familiar to me except the part from the trail junction north of Chub Lake over West Mountain. The times I visited Chub the bridge was very saggy and rotten, so it's nice to see the new one. I'd like to camp there, the swimming is nice off that rock at the campsite and the loon calls sound louder because of being out on a bit of a point, or something.

There's a nice little open summit-y area on Cascade Mountain, just south of where the trail forks at the west end of the lake. It's a very short easy bushwhack. The cascade is nice too, especially when there's water coming over it.

I stayed a couple of times at 7th Lake in the woods 150' behind the lean-to area, the lean to was messy but that rock point is very pleasant if you don't mind motorboats coming by now and then, and the swimming is good there too. I used to stay there when I was bicycling without a canoe, since I could walk my bike down the trail and get to the road easily, and with no parking at the end of the road there was not much competition.

Once when I was staying at Queer Lake I took the trail north and then bushwhacked over to the Russian Lake trail. It was not too hard of a trip, other than getting across the wetland by Constable Pond. It rained the whole day and was only in the 60s, so I couldn't linger. The next year I went in on the trail toward Constable Pond and then bushwhacked to Russian Lake and on up to Andy's Creek lean-to and Lower Sister Lake, and that was a pretty awful trip, trying to find my way on foot across the huge beaver meadow by that bay of Big Moose Lake.

I think the idea of making a more formal loop in that area sounds good. Good for you for trying to figure it out, and I hope you'll be able to find a way to move forward with it.
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