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1. Stillwater is big, as are the waves on most days. Plan an extra day in case you get windbound. Lots of cool stuff in the Five Ponds wilderness, but you said just one carry...
I've been a handful of times, it's not for me...Great sunsets and sunrises though.

2. Follensby Clear/Polliwog is not wilderness and often is busy. Much opportunity for side trips.

3. Forked has two sides to it. Eastern side is a state campground with numbered sites, privies, food lockers and Reserve America reservations. Western end has but a few primitive sites, first come first serve. Pretty limited side trips, you could bushwhack up Pilgrim but no views.

4. Cedar River Flow has no carry and some nice primitive sites, but there may be a boat with a motor there. Some interesting side trips up the Cedar River, Little Moose Lake, Buell Brook. You might even see a moose!

My severely biased opinion puts you on the Essex Chain Lakes (one carry but you can wheel it) with a day trip down the Chain Drain to the Rock River.

Or Long Pond in the St Regis Canoe Wilderness area, a short carry and then a few great side trips to Long Pond MT and Pink and Ledges ponds. Very quiet there.

Also consider Lake Lila, absolutely beautiful with an abundance of day trips to Frederica Mt, Shingle Shanty Brook, Harrington and Rainer brooks, the old train station, and some of the Beaver River. 0.3 mile carry. Very quiet there too...
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