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Opinions Needed on Trip Options

Hi everyone - Hoping you guys can offer an opinion (or two) on a few canoe trip options that I'm trying pick between. I'm organizing an annual guys ADK canoe trip. We've been to most of the more known spots, and in some cases repeated a few (nothing wrong with that).

The group is 6-7 guys, coming from Boston and Rochester NY. 4 days, 3 night trip. This year will be mid-July. Love to set up a base camp and do side trips during the day. love fishing, no more than 1 carry, privacy, and nice campsites (lean to would be amazing). Love a hiking trail if possible.

Given that, here's a few spots we either haven't been to, or would consider going again. Curious your thoughts:

1.) Stillwater Reservoir

2.) Follensby Clear/Pollywog Pond (haven't been)

3.) Forked Lake (do you have to book sites on reserveamerica?)

4.) Cedar River Flow (went before under miserable conditions)

I appreciate any input. Anxious to pick a spot and start day dreaming!
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