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Question Advice on grouping high peaks

Hi all,

A friend and I are planning to do all 46 (is the 47th official yet?) high peaks this spring/summer/fall.

She is in good shape and has done the PCT, and I'm in OK shape- I hike almost everyday, however very small local hikes in the LG region.

I have been reading trip reports to try to hike the mountains together as they should. But it is hard to gauge what I can do in comparison to some people doing 4+ in a day- if that is unrealistic for us and such. We want to be efficient, but these are only DAY hikes for us.

We have only done Cascade and Porter so far. We completed this route in 4 hours if that gives any idea on our speed/ability. Does anyone have a suggested remaining grouping of high peaks for us? Appreciate any advice!
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