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Target Shooting for a day near Keene?

Hi all,

A group of 9 of us were wondering if (weather permitting) there was anyplace near Keene to go outdoor target shooting for an afternoon. Not everyone is a hiker, but we would walk/hike to get someplace where we're not bothering anyone. We could bring our own targets. Guns would be a couple rifles, lots of pistols/revolvers, maybe a shotgun (although I don't shoot shotguns so IDK).

We would consider going to a gun club if that offers us the best possibility. (But it would only be a single day, Saturday April 29th, so the fee would have to be reasonable.)

Thanks and feel free to PM me too.


* Close to Keene: Anywhere from I-87 up to Saranac Lake, and into Jay/Upper Jay/Wilmington. Within about a half hour of Keene.
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