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They got what they positioned themselves for...looks like very poor business strategy and management to me.
Maybe BPS will put an end to Cabelas annoying catalogs. Even after writing and calling for years I still receive three of everything that they publish...including the $50.00 book.

My gripes with Cabelas are not just product quality or variety, it's the absurdly high prices and the extreme marketing spending. If they could reduce the money they spend hard selling to established customers they could lower their prices, increase the top line and likely the bottom line. Had they done that the for sale sign might not have been on the buildings.
Hopefully BPS will force them to reestablish their service/replacement policies. They no longer stand behind the Cabelas branded products with a lifetime replacement policy. It's all weasel worded and one year time limit....I recently told them that I could have purchased an equally poor product at Walmart and saved myself $200 plus dollars (Leaky Gortex Hunting Jacket)... their reply, even though the product had a lifetime replacement guaranty when I bought it, they would not honor it....
I shed no tears....
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