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There are a lot of northern's up there and you'll be able to find them on almost any weed bed you find. white/silver and any combination with chartreuse are my go to colors for the lake. There are a lot of smaller northern's In the lake but there are a few monsters in there if you can find them. My PB for the lake is a 36" and have seen a few monsters follow to the boat before turning away as well. Been fishing it for almost two decades now since my grandparents got a house up there. If the water level is low, just be careful when flipping the shoreline. The lake isn't well marked and there are definitely a few large boulders that your prop wouldn't enjoy haha. Shouldn't be much fishing pressure either so you'll have your choice of spots. The big brook area has always produced for me as well as a number of bays along the western shore on the south end of the lake. One of my favorite spots is floating the channel that was in front of the old marina on the south end of the lake. Marina is no longer there, replaced by a giant house but that drift was always my go to if I wanted to catch fish. Good luck and im looking forward to see what you get into!
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