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I'm not sure where you might have found the "official document regarding the easement and nowhere on the document is there any rule prohibiting dogs." The deed by which the State took ownership of the higher land and the foot trail easements does clearly state that dogs are not allowed. I don't know if it is available online, but it is found in Essex County Deed Book 660, page 206.

Yes, some of the security personnel are armed. While they cannot themselves write a ticket for a violation of the rules, they can detain individuals until appropriate law enforcement arrives to write the ticket.

The prohibition on dogs goes back to the founding of the AMR in 1886. It was the only private preserve created in the 19th Century that was not created for hunting, but was instead created as a game preserve. Since using dogs to hunt deer was a common practice at that time, the AMR wanted to make sure that one could not simply turn a dog loose to chase a deer off the property.

As was mentioned, it is possible to make a dog a 46-R without going on AMR property. The 46-Rs no longer register dogs, in part because they didn't want to encourage people trying to take their dogs across AMR land.

Finally, thank you for agreeing to obey the regulations.
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