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The Adirondack Mountain Reserve's no dog policy

I was planning on taking the wife and dog up to Colvin/Blake next weekend and, though I have used Lake road in the AMR several times to access the DMW, I have never done so with a dog. Due to this fact, I decided to do some quick research regarding regulation of such things and found conflicting information. It seems as though one of the posted "rules" for use of the AMR is no dogs allowed. However, after a little bit more digging, I found the official document regarding the easement and nowhere on the document is there any rule prohibiting dogs.

I typically follow the rules, as they are in place for a reason, but I found reports of people being arrested and detained by armed security guards for bringing a dog on premises. Firstly, what is the general take on the conflicting information? Second, is such practice (arresting/detaining) even legal by a security guard and does the AMR have the authority to do such things?

Though I plan to abide by the rules, this behavior seems a bit absurd.
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