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Hi Everyone -
I just took a side trail over form VFTT and ended up here!!!!!

I grew up between Buffalo and Rochester and started hiking in Boy Scouts. I am 44 - I spent 3 years in the Army and spent the next decade getting my BS and MBA and my pastimes were waterskiing, bicycling and bodybuilding - I then moved to the midwest for a few years before realizing I had everything I wanted in WNY and moving back. (Not much to do in Kansas and Missouri)
My first trip in the Adirondacks was 1990 I did a 56 mile in & out backpack on the Northville Placid Trail and instantly, I knew how I wanted to spend my leisure time for the rest of my life. I ended up becoming a 46er and being involved with the ADK for the past 11-12 years (leading hikes and being on committees for the Genesee Valley Chapters as well as being on the BOG for 3 years.)

I am married (Got engaged on Big Slide in 1997) and we have a 3-year old son. We moved to PA as of 3 years ago and I am now leading trips for the Delaware Valley Chapter of the AMC now (though I still belong to the ADK and 46ers).

My favorite places are Alaska (going back again this year), Joshua Tree National Park, The Fells in the UK Lake District (Goal is to climb them all), The Adirondacks and the AT in NJ (Beleive it or not) and paddling my yaks on the Finger Lakes (Hemlock and Canadice are my favs.)

I am looking forward to meeting a lot of fok son this board, but I think I already "know" many of you from VFTT.
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