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Backpacking Trip - Remote but still designated sites?

Hi all! I lurk from time to time as you all have the best most up to date information out there and have helped my family out immensely in the past. I asked a question like this in the past regarding canoe camping with our young daughter, but now we have finally graduated to a real backpack and she can carry her own weight (almost).

I read a thread here titled "Sharing Campsites" that has me worried about our upcoming summer trip. We never used to go during the summer because of the crowds, but with a school schedule we have been forced to join the masses, and actually have had a fair amount of luck. We still seek out remote, private spots - we do not go out into the wilderness for a social experience. We have been pretty successful in navigating and finding those special places from the water and we've been fortunate to enjoy the experience of other boaters tending to value their privacy as well. But we used to love to go to such places as the west Canada lakes wilderness and spruce lake which it sounds like over the past 10 years has gotten much more popular.

I am reaching out for any and all advice (PMs welcomed!) for recommendations or even regions to avoid due to popularity at this time of year. We were thinking a 4-5 mile backpack in is completely do-able... with a break we might be able to go an additional 2 miles or so if we had to in order to find a private site. We had heard about the Ha-de-ron-dah wilderness area but it also sounds very popular, maybe an off-season trip? Our hope is to find a) a site near/on a swimmable body of water that is b) secluded enough that we won't get campers coming up expecting to camp with us and c) is not too close to another site that will make it so we must keep our dog leashed the entire time...

We do think we need a designated site (kiddo still wants a small fire), but are willing to travel and leave early Thursday morning.... Thank you so much for ANY and all advice - even if it is to tell us to get back in our boat! Just trying to take advantage of our daughter's enthusiasm to backpack! Thanks again!
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