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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
Somewhat. Its not easy to keep track of, since it's not always announced to the general public. Sometimes, a lean-to is moved but it may only be moved about 20 feet from where it was (as in the case of Moose Pond Stream). I haven't decided if when a lean-to is moved a significant distance (as is the case with the Howard and Deer Brook lean-tos) if that means I need to stay at it again in order for it to still count towards the lean-to challenge. Probably not- since it's so hard to keep track of, and so many lean-tos are destined to be moved in the near future, since so many of them are right on either a body of water or hiking trail or both (Spruce Lake #2 is getting moved this spring).
I think you should secure each site that has been moved all over again. But why have they moved the lean-to's. Is it that the lakes and ponds have receded?
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