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Originally Posted by DuctTape View Post
Are you also keeping track of which ones have been removed or moved, such as Deer Brook?
Somewhat. Its not easy to keep track of, since it's not always announced to the general public. Sometimes, a lean-to is moved but it may only be moved about 20 feet from where it was (as in the case of Moose Pond Stream). I haven't decided if when a lean-to is moved a significant distance (as is the case with the Howard and Deer Brook lean-tos) if that means I need to stay at it again in order for it to still count towards the lean-to challenge. Probably not- since it's so hard to keep track of, and so many lean-tos are destined to be moved in the near future, since so many of them are right on either a body of water or hiking trail or both (Spruce Lake #2 is getting moved this spring).
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