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Kevin, computer support analyst. I enjoy producing music, working on computers, and (of course) getting outdoors.

I'll save the full biography... here's my short but passionate hiking history:

It started summer 2002 in Vermont (Branche/Brook Pond area). Went hiking with a few old friends (Jeff and Dave). Night hiked to the lean-to, woke early the next day and gathered wood (and had a short day hike to the beaver damn). Built an enormous fire, so big it was 90+F in the lean-to and Jeff and Dave passed out!

Next adventure, which fed the hiking demon, was a short hike up Sleeping Beauty Mountain (east shore of Lake George) to watch the meteor shower (Leanid? sp?). What a great weekend.

So, I waited all winter, started doing the stairs everyday at work instead of the elevator to start getting in shape. In March 2003 I made my first peak Cascade, in snow shoes on a 45F sunny day (didn't even need a coat). The view was awesome and I was officially hooked.

The rest of the story is told via photos on my hiking photo journal webpage. There were numerous night hikes over the summer (boredom hikes I call them) which I never bothered bringing the camera. All told, I did A LOT of hiking this year! Looking forward to even more next year.
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