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I’m 50 (naw…pshhh…naw…). I am happily married (25th next September) and have a daughter in college and a son in high school.

I do database management to help keep a roof overhead. Since I live in the level landscape of central New Jersey (the Land o’ Lawns), I keep myself fit with karate—I can’t shoot baskets to save my life and jogging gives me the Cold Robbies. When I’m not found in the woods somewhere, I play music to keep to keep a spiritual roof overhead. I’m in a blues band (Catfish) and an eclectic acoustic band (Across the Street). We play out in local venues (pubs and bookstores, festivals and parties).That said, though, there is one venue I truly love above all others: sitting on the duff with my acoustic guitar accompanying the roar of a brook below me and the wind rushing high through the trees up above.

I began climbing the High Peaks (Lower Wolfjaw) with my family when I was 4 and finished the 46 on my own when I was 44 (Couchsachraga). In 40 years in between I climbed many of the major “trailed” peaks with my family; when the family stopped climbing, I continued on my own, climbing the remaining trailed peaks and then reclimbing many, resisting solo-climbing on the “trailless” peaks until I realized if I didn’t do them on my own, I wouldn’t do them at all. There were also a number of years when I didn’t come into the high peaks at all preferring, in the folly of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, to waste my time and squander good fortune. But I found my way back and if it didn’t make me stronger, neither did it kill me, I am now accompanying my son on his 46 (he’s at #17) and unless he chases me off or leaves me behind, he’ll have my company on all 46 and I will have an absolute blast becoming a 92-r

I really appreciate this site: its openness to the whole community and its acceptance of tangential posts. But most of all I like the fact that it is specifically about the Adirondacks--there is no place on earth I would rather be.

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