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My name is Valerie! I only have 4 high peaks under my belt at this point, but I am planning the next trips already. I am seriously a tenderfoot. Grew up near Cleveland. Now living in Wilmington, DE (the flattest state in the union - not much good for ADK training) . My husband (Tim)'s family lives in Ticonderoga, so we hike when we visit, which isn't nearly enough. Tim's dad decided last year that he wanted to be a 46er, so they have been on a lot of trips recently. I just don't have the vacation time available to go on all of them.

I'm a software architect. No kids, just a cat. A very spoiled cancer-surviving cat.

I backpacked in high school, but that was more than half-my-life ago. It also wasn't the High Peaks. I'm working on my "core conditioning" so I won't have to beg for help from my trail-mates on the tough parts.

So far, here are my experiences: 1.) I always see a bear (on the overnights, not the day trips), and 2.) it never rains on me. How long do you think I can keep up the streak? By the way, we are STAUNCH BEAR CANISTER PEOPLE. I wish I could say that it was all about "what's best for the bears", but mostly it's just about me being scared.

Thanks for hosting such a great site! I look forward to reading a lot!
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