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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
It's a bit shorter and also a bit of a drive, but The Branch comes to mind, on the south side of the High Peaks. Where it crosses Blue Ridge Road there is a small parking lot on the north side of the road that serves The Branch and the north end of the Hoffman Notch Trail. It's a pleasant rock for several miles up what was a logging road until the recent purchase of the area by the state along with Boreas Ponds. Some really nice spots along the stream to sit and hang out and enjoy the scenery. I've never seen more than 1 or 2 vehicles parked at the trailhead lot.

I know there's some herd paths (not official nor maintained trails) along the Chub River, north of Averyville Lane, but I've yet to have a chance to check them out. (Unfortunately, the Northville Placid Trail stays well away from the Chub River and has very few views of the river despite paralleling it for several miles).

It's more a bog than a stream/river, but the Bloomingdale Bog Trail in Saranac Lake might be a good option. It's a very flat (old railroad grade) and pleasant hike through a beautiful and expansive bog. Usually some good opportunities to see wildlife too (birds especially).

Another possibility is the trail to Raquette Falls from the Stony Creek access. It's also set back up off the river but has some opportunities to see the river via overlooks and side trails. And if you've never been to Raquette Falls, that's worth the visit- and the "scenic trail" that follows the river closer along the falls itself was significantly rehabbed a few years ago. If you hike all the way to the head of the falls and back to Stony Creek I believe the total distance is just about 10 miles roundtrip. The Raquette Falls area can be pretty crowded in the summer (Long Lake to The Crusher is a popular itinerary for summer camp groups) but it should be quiet still this early in the season.

The trail along the east shore of Floodwood Pond and Fish Creek has some nice views of the ponds along the way in addition to Fish Creek itself. If you're OK with a mile or so of road walking on Floodwood Rd you can turn this into a loop by swinging back north along Horseshoe and Pollywog Ponds.

The High Falls trail over in Wanakena has some nice view of the Oswegatchie River along the way, but you have to hike about 3 miles before you actually get to the river. High Rock could be a good turn around point for about a 7 mile round trip hike.

There is also the trail along the Oswegatchie River connecting Inlet with Wanakena. This is apparently a fairly active section of the river with lots of rapids- and the trail also serves as a portage trail for those trying to connect the Upper Oswegatchie with Cranberry Lake for longer paddle routes. But I've yet to actually hike it myself so I'm not sure if it's worth the hike or not.
Did both Branch and part of Hoffman Notch. Though short, the creek was very nice and my dog definitely loved it. Hoffman was ok, only went a mile or so in though. That old car on its side surprised me being there. Thanks for the suggestions.
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