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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Not to argue because I know everyone is different, but for me, Blue seems like a steady, but moderate climb. Wakely OTOH seems flat until it's not, and then it's steep, and it stays that way until you reach the summit.

I think on Blue you go like 1200 in a mile. On Wakely it's like 1200 in a half mile.
Blue's first mile is 600' of gain. The second mile is 900' of gain. The trail levels off half way and even dips gently into a drainage. It crosses the drainage, turns left through heavy erosion (like a trench), and starts to climb up the ridge, gradually intensifying. I negated the ~150' gain on the summit plateau to only focus on the rigorous climb from the state wild forest line at 2800' elevation to the 3600' elevation. That happens in a little over a half mile. Caltopo is my source. Why the trail entrance sign says 1300 foot gain, I don't know. Contour maps show it's more.

Wakely is 1200 feet from the junction to the summit Caltopo says it happens in .77 miles using the measuring tool and the tower is at .9. However, I think it measures as the crow flies without counting the vertical component. It always falls short by a few tenths compared to what the ADK mountain club and NatGeo Map numbers say. They say it's 1-1.1mi

I agree, Wakely is harder. The point I was getting at, is during the climb there are many small quasi switchbacks which can change someone's perception and experience of the climb. People tell me all the time about "that horrible second stage of Blue". It amazes me too. I actually like that second stage climb. It helps me practice pacing and is good exercise.

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