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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Blue Mountain is very close and probably an easier hike than Snowy or Wakely. I find it easier than Wakely.
Although that may be true on paper, it never seems to amaze me how people perceive Blue as grueling. My aunt climbed all three and swears Blue is harder. Most people I know get tripped up by the second half of the climb were the trail swings up the ridge in a nonstop 800 foot moderate to steep climb. I ask them, "Don't you remember the violent 1450 foot climb up Snowy on the last mile, especially the last 500 near the top", nope Blue was terrible. Maybe they underestimate Blue, thinking it's only 2 miles and they get caught off guard on the push up the ridge. The other thing is Snowy and Wakely have a few short reprieves on their end climbs and the trail switches and varies on pitch. Blue's second half is nonstop. By the way most maps of Snowy's trail seem to be outdated. There is a reroute near the top. It has a primary switch back at around 3200'. You can see it on Caltopo and many GPS plotted trips. Just by climbing in person you notice it. If you switch to many common maps including the USGS it looks very different. The trail is shown to veer more south.

I climbed Ampersand last fall. I measured the steepest section up the drainage as 800 feet, from 700-950 meters. It was nonstop. That stretch was the longest 800 feet I ever climbed and I got sick to my stomach. It was worth it though.

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