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Originally Posted by Pumpkin QAAD View Post
That's exactly my point Hawk, where you have concentrated tourism in the Black Hills around Rushmore and Custer's Peak, Adirondack tourism is much different and spread out. The facts show the Adirondacks receive more tourists per year but yet, as you note, Custer's Peak gets more Tourists per day than a very popular hiking destination the ADK High Peaks region.

Besides the high peaks don't have a very high deer population density. Good luck keeping a smart cat in that area. Then you are going to run into the farmers defending their cows issue so it cannot be illegal to shoot them. Or have some sort of compensation fund setup.
We're talking about the Adirondacks. Last I checked the High peaks Wilderness was only a part of them. As for the Black Hills I mentioned some of the main tourist draws but it is also a very popular backpacking area from the Black Elk national Forest which includes Harney Peak, to Sand Creek in Wyoming which is an area that is more off the beaten path and where I and others have Bushwhacked.

In most other ways, the Black hills and the Adirondacks are different as far as the type of forest, etc but both areas would support Cougars. My main point in bringing up the Black Hills is because of the Cat to human ratio and the fact that in spite of that, there are no incidents of consequence.

As a person who has hiked extensively in both areas my opinion (and it's just an opinion) is that the Adirondacks has more remote, less populous area then the Black Hills. Oddly enough, even though South Dakota is much more sparsely populated then NY, about 60% of that population is located in Rapid City and the towns located within the Black Hills.

Hmm "more sparsely" is that an Oxymoron or what? Now we see why I'm not a writer!!

BTW It's HARNEY Peak, Custer doesn't have one, he has a park.
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