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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
I beleive that the Black hills has the highest cougar to human ration in the US.
Can't recall seeing the ratio broken down this way, but it's certainly up there - for the time being (92 adult cats were killed this year in the Black Hills, p. 15

Once SD is done with its 5-year cougar management plan, coupled with Wyoming deliberately creating a sink on their side of the border, cougars may be virtually exterminated from the Black Hills by 2015.

ADK violent crime incidents, for perspective; note that California has the lowest ratio of incidents - what a stable cougar population will do, patrol itself, without hunting

Black bears vs cougars

Most definitive analysis of cougar incidents to date; after spiking twice in the 90s, note that incidents have gone down in the last ten years

Most recent death by cougar in the US/Canada

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