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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Have you calculated the dollar amount that you as an individual tax payer pay personally toward the costs of the park? It's possible that one could even estimate the $$ per tax payer that goes towards a specific activity, ie hiking, including rescues, Lean-to maintenance, land maintenance fees, trail work etc. Considering that a certain amount of money spent on trails etc. is raised by the 46ers, the ADK Mountain Club and perhaps other organizations it might be a tricky calculation.
I'd like to recast Neil's question (hope that's OK Neil). Since the topic is SAR, let's stick to the topic.

Does anybody know the $'s annual DEC expends on SAR?

I'd tried to find the dollar figure and I'm finding documents easily found online (i.e. Google) are pretty incomplete. I even question my own calculations based on what I've read and came away very unsatisfied.

At the moment my estimate is something between $500,000 and $2,000,000 per year.

And don't think I am only thinking budget. I suspect the wear and tear on the workforce is a major issue of those doing the SAR missions. This may be more of a crux issue.


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