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Originally Posted by mmaute View Post
There is no "Ostrich Theory" when it comes to the Scientific Method. The Scientific Method is an objective philosophy used to turn the unknown into the known. The Scientific Method is not influenced by emotion, opinion, belief, personal experience, etc. - that's the beauty of it. The Scientific Method does not care if Bigfoot or extra-terrestrial life exists or not, it's merely a philosophy used to try and understand that which we don't know. The argument that people are un-objective and may influence attempts to employ the Scientific Method certainly have merit. That's why it's critical that the steps of the Scientific Method be followed exactingly and be reproducible by others.
Thanks for stating your opinion. However, the "scientific method" becomes a moot point when direct evidence is revealed through personal experience. Yes, I have had this personal experience and know other people who follow scientific principles who have also experienced this phenomena for themselves. However, we do NOT have an agenda which tries to prove what we already know. We have no interest in that which may seem "selfish" because we are far beyond that. So, it is with a little "tongue in cheek" that I propose the "Ostrich Theory" I wish you well in your methods of discovery.
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