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Last Garden shuttle is at 6:00 pm at end of season

Shuttle is finished for the season.

Just a heads up for anyone planning a hike next October that might stumble across this thread.

We used it last weekend and the last shuttle was at 6:00 pm. I told the driver the town's website said 7:00. He informed me that they move the last shuttle to 6:00 the last few weeks of the year when the sun is setting earlier.

We had put together a schedule to get back by 6:15. We had planned to start at 8:45. First shuttle was full so we got started at 9:15. Redid the schedule with shorter breaks. Made it back by 5:30 so it wasn't an issue.

There were lots of groups of 4 or 5 getting on the shuttle (which filled it and left some of us behind). Seems like it would make more sense to drop off your party at the Garden and just 1 person use the shuttle. Less strain on the shuttle and everyone would save a few bucks as well.

I missed the 8:30 shuttle because it was full and the 9:00 shuttle left people behind as well. Maybe this isn't unusual, it was my first time using it.

We did Tenderfoot pools on the way back. My 9 year old did it and I couldn't let him show me up. I got out as quick as possible but my feet were already almost completely numb.
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