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Originally Posted by cpoit View Post
Thanks for the advice. My main concern is not getting lost once on top of Dix. Yes we will be leaving our gear at the Boquet lean to and hiking back. I'm not too concerned about the amount of mileage since we did the Saranac 6er challenge recently (completely insane by the way). But if your telling me the only way to find the herd path is when there is no snow or no debris on the ground, that troubles me a bit. Thanks again.
We saw a group or two doing just this hike over the weekend. We didn't envy them. The hike from the Boquet lean-to up to Dix is the "steepest trailed ascent" in the Adirondacks, and after doing that you'll be climbing Hough, South Dix, Macomb, South Dix again, Grace, South Dix again, Hough again, and Dix again before descending the "steepest trailed descent" in the Adirondacks. It's one heck of a day!
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