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The majority of the trails in the Dix Range are unmarked.

The only part of your route that is marked is from the Round Pond trailhead to the southern end of Dix's summit (the Beckhorn). The balance of the route (Beckhorn to Macomb, South Dix, Grace, Boquet river valley out to route 73) is unmarked.

The trails above an elevation of 3500 feet are well-defined because they run through conifer forests. Following the trail through the Boquet river valley, in November, may prove to be challenging because it will be covered with fresh leaf-litter (and/or snow). In this area (in November) you need to be comfortable navigating with a map and compass (or GPS).

Be prepared for cold conditions. It may become wintry by the end of November.

Neil and I day-hiked the Dix Range, from 73 to 73, at the end of November in 2013. It was a cold (14 F) and snowy day. It wasn't our first time, so we were familiar with the route.

Photo Album.

Neil helping another group orient themselves in the Boquet river valley.

We had some sunshine in the morning but it didn't last. Temperature dropped to 5 F by the time we reached Dix (visible in the background).

Neil below the Beckhorn.

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