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Fifty Acres of Beach and Wood

Fifty Acres of Beach and Wood - Discovering the Adirondack Heritage of Indian Point on Raquette Lake is a blog of my ongoing research of our family's land and the iconic characters of Adirondack history who have traversed these acres.

In the latest chapter "Found and Lost", I reveal the discovery of a cabin which existed sometime between 1880 and 1885 on the north shore of the northern tip of Indian Point. However, I have yet to find any photographic or artistic depictions of this cabin. My family had no knowledge of this cabin prior to my research nor do we know why it disappeared and we would be tremendously grateful if anyone had photos showing Indian Point in that time period.

For those visiting my blog for the first time, I suggest starting from the beginning. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my writings in

Thank you,

Tom Thacher
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