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rbi, thank you for sharing. I had to chuckle with 1mph because that is the number we use for trip planning. And often is the actual speed for uphill work for me. I also cherish my alky stove for its simplicity after having a similar situation.

My hiking partner is my double varsity HS athlete now in college, 20 year old daughter. But she taught me something this summer (actually, she teaches me something every outing). She did a seven-day Cold River loop with a family. They hiked maybe 5 miles per day. She still wants her peaks but was telling me how enjoyable a more easy-going approach was. Used the term "saunter."

We always use Caltopo's profiling tool to measure ascent on any given trail and try to factor that in.

I also enjoy my canoe and sail/oar boat for outings. Massasauga park in Ontario is a portage-less wonderland for boat camping.
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