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Thanks so much for that info. The Ursack bag was very many years ago. We were literally the only two people in the entire area (a very nice rarity). The Colden care taker later said something like 50 people or more had been camping there the previous weekend (per usual we came in on a Monday or Tuesday). Almost as soon as we got to our lean to the largest black bear I had ever seen came strolling down the trail toward us, then took a right up the hill past where the old food bag hanging wire was. He got our Ursacks that night, but we never heard a thing. I am pretty sure that at that time the Ursacks were legal (could be that this was even before bear canisters were required by law). They had had several failures in the Adirondacks and redesigned them specifically because of those failures. Like I mentioned above, when the bear got both of our bags they were the first failures of their new bags which had been out over a year at that time.

Last couple of times I wanted to backpack into Colden the bear activity seemed too high for me to risk going in alone or putting my dog in danger. As I have just turned 70, I am grateful to be in very good shape, but regardless, that window of opportunity isn't nearly what it was years ago for me. On the other hand, I have backpacked many times into the John Brook area without ever coming in contact with any bears.
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