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Colden bears

While weather year-to-year can be all over the map, I was wondering if there is a normal or usual time to know how bear activity around Colden Lake is year-to-year? Didn't come up last year because of the human crazies that descended on you guys and gals, but am hoping this year will be more "normal". I am looking at early September, non weekend. Came up a few weeks ago for six nights and that was great (didn't backpack, stayed at Art Devlins), but day hikes and backpacking are two different animals. I will once more be accompanied by my dog Maggie.

I think I have backpacked into Colden maybe 5 times. Once a bear walked past our lean to and completely ate everything in the next lean to because they didn't hang their food (many years ago). Another time a bear ripped apart our two Ursack bags (the new improved ones. Ours were their first failures). I am pretty sure the other three times we didn't encounter any. It's probably been 8 years at least since I last packed in there.
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