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I took my new 12' Hornbeck out for the first time this weekend. It's a beautiful boat. It handles great too.

The only issues are with the oars. There are two issues:

(1) The handles on the oars overlap. Pic attached (or at least I tried to attach, always find it hard to upload photos on this site). This means I have to awkwardly pass my hands one over the other on each stroke. I kept banging my hands together and messing up my strokes.

(2) If my feet are on the foot holds, the oars hit my knees. I had to fully extend my legs in the boat to have the clearance for the oars over my knees. This was uncomfortable and gave me less leverage for rowing.

I feel like overlap of the oars is just not okay. Am I being too particular? I don't know much about rowing, is this considered an acceptable attribute?

The lack of clearance over my legs is less concerning but still disappointing-- I'm not crazily tall, only 6'2". I feel like this shouldn't be as big of a problem.

I am still planning on using a kayak paddle for backcountry trips, but I like the idea of being able to row it on bigger lakes with shorter carries. When rowing at full speed, this boat really goes fast.
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