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That's a good point about the ownership. I should have been clearer when I wrote before, I know the line is not in use currently, but I was thinking that now that the state is having the section of the line from Big Moose to Tupper rebuilt that it would be becoming more active and that the paddling season and the scenic train season will overlap pretty completely, I imagine.

I don't know how the contractor that is rebuilding the tracks will feel about heavily loaded pedestrians wandering through when they're working on that stretch. I would think that when they're replacing ties and the like it would not be convenient. On my day trip to Lake Lila in August 2019 I climbed Mt Federica, and as I recall where the trail crossed the rails were covered with a few inches of sand and gravel that had washed down onto them, so it looked like nothing had been through there on the rails for a while.
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