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That rail corridor is owned by the state, I believe, rather than a private entity. Also, it is used as an active snowmobile trail in the winter. And furthermore, it's not really "active" with regards to train traffic. It was getting very little use when the scenic railway was operating- the train would traverse once up to Lake Placid in the spring, then once back down to Remsen in the winter. There was also some infrequent use by maintenance trains- to cut vegetation, make minor repairs, etc. But even then, all rail traffic was limited to a pretty slow speed, due to the poor condition of the tracks.

On top of that, a decent stretch of the Jackrabbit Trail follows the same railroad, so it's not without precedent that is open to multiple uses.

And now that the scenic railroad has ceased operations in Lake Placid, I don't think the corridor has gotten much- if any- of even the limited train use it was getting before. The northern end has already started to get brushy in spots in just a few years.

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