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Well A big cooler of beer very well may involve disruptive behavior, but not in every case ( pardon the pun). We seem to end up with a good bit, beer balls in the day. Sometimes more adult beverages. But we aren't a particularly loud crew, though are prone to a good laugh that may carry. Relegate that to the evening after a day of excursions.. Like up Frederika or up to Lowe's lake, Shingle shanty to the wire, etc.

We also leave everyplace we visit on day trips, beach landings and of course base camps- bereft of all visible trash down to bag ties and gum wrappers and cigarette butts ( people don't seem to realize those filters are forever and they are nothing but trash..) Not bragging, just we all like to find places in that condition. We filled three bags with empty cans at the train station at Lila. Then crushed them flat at the lean-to to finish the trip out. (That was snowmobilers no doubt).

Lake Lila has always been found in pretty good shape in my experience- seems like a lot of slickers have invaded places they obviously are not prepared to respect or want to conserve.

Anybody visited the Nehasane station building lately- wonder if it has completely caved in. A large hole in roof a couple of years ago.. usually a building does not last long after the roof fails like that- so I was wondering. First time way back in late 80's, it was in great shape, we even went upstairs for a peek. Second last time didn't feel safe walking in middle of rooms, and steps upstairs were apparently long gone. Last time only felt safe looking in the door... would have preferred they were able to keep it somehow. No money in it I guess.
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