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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Jim, I feel your pain man!
We've chatted about it a few times now.
Just curious...When was your last visit to Pharaoh Lake?
I've personally seen the change from my visits as a kid in the '80s right on up to the present day. My last visit was this past April. Thankfully there are many of us who visit the area often & try to do the right thing like cleaning up trash & chatting with others about proper backwoods etiquette. But I agree, if you're gonna close the road, then close the road all the way. That extra mile of hiking may (or may not) help deter a few of those inconsiderate individuals who abuse the place, which is mostly near that southern end in my experience.
I'm an old timer,
My kids all learned to swim at Pharaoh in the 60's.
My last vist there was in the 70's right after the "wilderness act".
i was disgusted at the amount of garbage left there by supposed environmentalists.
I'm ranting, excuse me.
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