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Helps a lot. Drifting snow already? I have snowshoes but we are not yet cut out for an ascent in winter. I have no problem walking right up to tree line and saying " yup, it's snow, time to turn back". I have had foul weather sneak up on me on the peaks before but am hoping not enough to dump that amount as a surprise. Makes the lower camping sites more attractive because of course over night that could happen. We are also considering staying at ADK Loj campground. That sounds better and better.

I've snow camped before - aware of some of the complexities it brings but your advice is well headed since my co camper is new to it.

Sawyer filter sleeps with me. Travels in coat pocket. Still, ice crystals would be a concern.

I am using an alcohol stove. Again, fuel bottle is warmed pre-use. It is not the tool to melt snow but still cooks well in winter. Not as well as white gas. I have a propane single burner but should invest in an isoprop as back up stove or my alky would nest nicely in a solo. Or Esbit tabs
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