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A recent post on reddit indicated that there were drifts of snow 1-2 feet deep at treeline on Marcy last weekend. I would at the very least pay attention to trip reports in the week leading up to your trip to see if snowshoes might not be a bad idea to bring with you.

I agree with your assessment that the Washbowl sites are a little bit closer to the summit but that the Roaring Brook Falls sites are a little bit more easily accessible.

One thing to be prepared for is that in cold temperatures, simple chores in camp can take a surprisingly long time if you're used only to doing these things in warm weather. Setting up/breaking down camp, cooking food, going to the bathroom, etc., can all demand twice as much time in the winter as they do in the summer (especially since a good portion of the time is spent repeatedly trying to warm your fingers back up). It'd be good to plan accordingly.

Also, remember that the days are very short. If you can, try to be hiking by sunrise (or as soon as possible after it) to maximize the amount of daylight you have available for your hike.

Two other things to think about: How are you obtaining drinking water (if filters freeze they can break, and chemical treatments aren't very efficient in cold water), and what type of stove are you using (canister stoves are very inefficient in cold weather)?

I hope this helps!
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