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Yes, the Washbowl and Roaring Brook trails are two different approaches that meet up partway up Giant. The ADK High Peaks map (as well as the DEC map you linked) does show a site about 0.5 miles above Roaring Brook Falls. There aren't any sites, designated or otherwise, beyond this site or the Washbowl, so those would be the closest you could get to the summit hiking from Keene.

Generally, the Roaring Brook Falls approach starts out less steep but involves more overall elevation gain than the approach from Chapel Pond (although the later approach isn't nearly as steep since it was re-routed about 10 years ago).

The Giant Mountain Lean-to is probably the closest you can camp to the summit of Giant, but that approach is much longer over all, and the trails are more minimally maintained.

And no, bear canisters are not required in the Giant Mountain Wilderness. Proper food handling and storage is still strongly encouraged, however.
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