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Yeah, that isn't exactly a high use area. Trail markers and signs are in short supply there. My memory is a bit rusty, but here is the directions that I remember:

Almost immediately after you leave the trailhead, there is an unmarked old road that splits off the main road to the right (the road right parallels the river for some distance before dead-ending). Stay left (straight) on the main road. You'll soon come to the bridge over the Osgood River.

Immediately beyond the Osgood River, the road forks again- right leads to Grass Pond, left (straight) continues north towards Hays Brook. A short distance beyond this junction, there is another junction. Left leads you on to the horse trail, which noticeably does not follow an old road. Right (straight) continues on the old road.

After following the horse trail for about a mile, the trail rejoins the old road at a junction. Go left on the old road, cross Hays Brook, and follow the road all the way to Sheeps Meadow. You'll begin to see the blueberry fields before you get to Sheeps Meadow; there are traces here and there of a herd path through the fields. You'll know you're at Sheeps Meadow when you see the two lean-tos and the horse barn.

If you want to make a loop out of it, you can return by sticking to the old roads. After recrossing Hays Brook, stay left (straight) on the old road rather than taking a right back on to the horse trail. You'll come to another T-junction, left leads some distance to another bridge across Hays Brook before dead-ending (hunters use this route to access lands north of Hays Brook). Right will take you back to the first few junctions and the bridge across the Osgood River, and the parking area beyond.

The area gets some use, but not much. Horseback riders will occasionally visit, as will people picking blueberries in season. The trails are also open to mountain bike use. Sometimes Paul Smith's students will come from the campus nearby to camp out.

BTW, Grass Pond is a beautiful spot and is worth visiting as well. If you give yourself enough time you can easily visit both Sheeps Meadow and Grass Pond in the same day.

Also, Star Mountain (to the north) has some pretty decent views of the McKenzie Mountain Range and isn't a difficult bushwhack from Sheeps Meadow. You might even find some old markers from the long-abandoned snowmobile trail that used to head north towards Meacham Lake.

I made a rough (not at all to scale) map in MS Paint that should help:
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