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You have to ask yourself if you would prefer more water or more mountain. The high peaks are beautiful, but as you've been told, they will be busy. If staying overnight, a bear canister is required in the eastern high peaks zone, and no fires are allowed. Keep in mind, many of the trails are muddy, rugged and steep.

There are plenty of other mountains to climb, some with views just as spectacular as the high peaks.

There are also thousands of lakes, ponds and streams (I'm not exaggerating), with plenty of smaller mountains to enjoy. If you have a canoe, bring it, IMO the best of the ADK's is seen from a canoe. There are also outfitters that will rent you a boat and even run a shuttle for you. There are many wilderness lakes and ponds, with all the solitude you could want, as well as great swimming and natural beaches. And wait, there's more!! Some fun climbs have water only access to the trailheads...

Sooo, would you rather do more mountains, or spend more time on/near water?

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