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Thank you for your reply. Great tips. We really appreciate them.
We have done the HPs you mentioned (Cascade, Porter, Big Slide, and Phelps) in the summer, so they are definite options for our first winter attempt. I love that Big Slide loop. Although it's not a HP, we've done Hurricane MT before and if I recall it correctly, it seems that might be a good option too. I don't think it's all that close to Whiteface where we're renting the snowshoes. I suppose we could rent them from the Mountaineer store on 73 instead.

We've never done any hiking in the Saranac Lake 6ers area. Sounds like a cool area though. Any suggestions for a first timer over there in the winter?

Also, have you ever snowshoed the trails near Whiteface? For example, the Mt. Van Hoevenberg snowshoe hike departing from the Lodge and heading for the top of Mt. Van Hoevenberg? Probably nice views up there and it seems like a close, convenient option. I am just concerned that we won't feel like we're far enough from the masses.

From what I read, the hike travels up the Ladies 5km, merges with 1932 Bobsled Track, before reaching the summit for a panoramic view.

We'll definitely be sure to check out Eat N' Meet in Saranac Lake. Nothing like well prepared food, from scratch no less. What are your favorite menu items there?

Thanks again for your reply! You have provided guidance to me on my various ADK adventures numerous times over the years.
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