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The list of "easier" winter High Peaks is pretty much the same as the summer list. Cascade and Porter, Big Slide, or Phelps would be good options. Doubly so if you've climbed any of these before (I always suggest that you make your first winter High Peak one that you've climbed before outside of winter, as it allows you to gain winter experience on your first trip with fewer unknowns, such as the specifics of the route, etc.)

If the conditions aren't conducive to a first time winter High Peak, you could try substituting any of the Saranac Lake 6ers.

With regards to food, the Placid Pub and Brewery has good food, but the best food by far in the Adirondacks is at the Eat N' Meet in Saranac Lake. They've got very limited seating and the food is prepared from scratch so it takes a while to cook, so be sure to get there early if you go. It is worth it, though. Plus you can BYOB so you could pick up a growler from the Pub and bring it with you to Saranac Lake.
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