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SnowShoeing near Whiteface, Mirror Lake, etc

Hello All,

Hope you're enjoying this excellent winter as much as I am!

My wife and I are headed to Lake Placid at the end of Feb/early March. Staying at the High Peaks Resort. At least one day will be spent snowboarding at Whiteface. We might even get to ice skate on that newly plowed track on Mirror Lake.

We would also like to try snowshoeing... for our first time! We are experienced backpackers/hikers (three season), and have summited more than half of the High Peaks (summer). We've also done lots of hiking in MT, WY, ID, OR, etc. All in "nice" weather. Nothing in winter.

We plan to rent snowshoes from Whiteface Mt. Any tips on trails near that area you like to snowshoe? It would be cool to summit something in the winter, but even just exploring sounds like a fun challenge. Doesn't really matter if we actually climb a summit.

It seems like it would be fun just to troll around on the established trails right near Whiteface lodge, however, we certainly prefer serenity. Should we climb the Vanhoovenburgh trail? Hurricane Mt? Or? Any tips or recommendations you might be able (and willing) to share would be greatly appreciated. I would like to stay "reasonably" close to the LP/Mirror Lake area so we don't waste too much time transporting in a car. The more time outside, the better!

Ok, as long as we're talking LP, etc... Where is your favorite place to dine in that area? I am always a fan of LPP&B (PJ's!) after a long day in the woods. Mmmmm... beer. We have also enjoyed nice meals at Liquids and Solids. Neat place. Fun menu, great beer selection. Mmmm... beer. Where else? Lisa G's?! Another favorite or ours. Probably the least out of these three, but still great.

Anyway, any other restaurants we should consider? Anything over in Saranac Lake area?

As always, thanks for your help, ADK Forum team members!
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