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Originally Posted by mar71 View Post
Not so fast all you would-be contest winners, its my turn. Believe it or not this is a true story. While trolling aboard my Blackjack, I heard a loud noise feet behind me. It was early morning late fall and the water felt cold. I didn't pay much attention to the noise because I figured it was just a beaver smacking its tail on the water trying to scare me. Well I wish it was a beaver because what came next was a battle royal. I have seen videos of Canadian Geese chasing people on land and laughed my butt off, but never did I think a goose was so dam strong. I have no idea why this goose decided to attack me.
A Hornbeck is a pretty stable fishing platform, not very easy to tip unless your struggling to fight off a goose that looks like its on Steroids. This thing came at me with everything it had. Im sure if I was standing, I could have kicked it or thrown a few knock out blows. Since I was seated at water level the bastard had an advantage over me. It pecked at my face and its raspy bill scratched me. At this point I felt that I was in a life and death struggle. If this bird came at me once more I may go in the drink. I had my paddle in my hands and my rod in my mouth when all of a sudden FISH ON. Here comes the bird again and I have a nice fish on the line.
On his 3rd dive bomb I swung my paddle at him so hard that it slipped out of my hands and flew across the pond. I thought to myself "OH S@&T" what do I do now? With nothing but my hands to fend off the bird, I grabbed him by the neck on what turned out to be his final approach. His neck felt Like a hard Salami, very muscular. I looked him in the eyes and said "Your not the one to bring me down". I guess talking to him did the trick because when I released him, he hightailed it out of there. While all this was going on my reel was screaming. The fish was still on. Needless to say I was able to land this late fall beauty, here are a few pics.
Hey, that was my trained goose, sent to spy on you and keep you off my favorite ponds! I guess he's no match for a tough-as-nails NYC firefighter so you've earned your right to fish Pond X.

Funny now, probably not so much at the time! Excellent story.
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