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Originally Posted by MegReg View Post
Howdy -

I am interested in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Loop (Pharaoah Lk to Oxshoe Pond to Rock Pond to Clear Pond to Grizzle Ocean) - and will have my four legged labrador friend with me. He is a great hiker (distance), but no mountain goat. Any advice on if there are sections we might struggle with along the loop? Peace!
It really depends on how far you intend to go each day.

The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area looks pretty tame on the map, but you should be warned that there are a lot of small ups and downs that don't show up on topographic maps of the area that do add up over time. On top of that, some sections of trail are rocky, requiring a certain level of nimbleness and balance. It's not like the trails are super rugged or difficult, but they are a bit more moderately rugged than many people expect. As long as you're not doing super long days, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

You should also be warned that Pharaoh Lake is a very popular backcountry destination and is likely to be crowded on any weekend, and even gets a fair amount of mid-week use. Definitely have backup plans in mind if you plan to camp there, in case the site you want is occupied.

You might find this post I made a while ago informative:

Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
I've put together a map showing all the lean-tos and campsites on the lake. Markers A through F are Lean-tos #1 through #6, respectively. The rest of the markers, G through Q, are the designated tent sites. Here is the link to the map:,...0Mountain%20NY
As I posted above, Oxshoe Pond can also be popular, since it is only a 1 mile hike in from Crane Pond if you have a high clearance vehicle.

Hope this helps!
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