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Originally Posted by wildchild View Post
What do we know about Chub Lake and Queer Lake? Unpopular is good with us - but of course that usually means no swimming/fishing!
Queer lake is excellent for swimming. I cannot speak for Chub Lake, I've never attempted to swim there.

The LT at Queer does get visitors. The lake is big enough to 'hide' around though and the 'secret' sites are off the lake A few hundred feet and away from the lean-to.

The site at Chub is OK. I actually did not camp there last time I was through there. I pushed on deeper.

I wouldn't worry about it being on the trail because there isn't a lot of foot traffic through there.

I was out in PLW from the north last week and I saw one set of prints. And no doubt I would have seen more if there was more traffic. It was quite muddy!

Also checking the register I think that person had been there a few days earlier (if that was the entry) and not much had happened before then. Not everyone registers so you can't always be sure. I often find the people camping do not register (grrr) so you think you are going to have a site when you hike in only to find some people sitting around a fire pit when you get out there.
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