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No, I can't shed any light. I assumed that the reference was to a mossy little pool in the woods that somebody thought was "enchanting." I do recall seeing little vernal pools like that when I passed through a couple years ago, but I didn't investigate any further. Nearly everything on the AMR property worth seeing has a trail to it anyway.

It is true that the High Peaks book was written by multiple people. I have found that with those older editions of the Discover series, the easiest way to see who contributed which trail descriptions is to check the photo credits. In this case, the person who submitted photos of Indian Head and Fish Hawk probably wrote about the trail between them as well. (I don't have the book with me, so I can't say who that is.)

It might be worthwhile to check "Up the Lake Road" to see if there are any references to Wizards Washbowl there.
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