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The majority of the trail work and all of the tower efforts were done by the Warren County DPW. They deserve most of the kudos. Volunteers helped with trail clearing and hardening. The route the trail takes was very specifically defined by the easement Warren County purchased. The easement is very narrow. We suggested several trail re-routes but our requests were denied. The new trail does not follow the original trail. The original trail was through a beautiful hardwood forest and headed more directly up the mountain through a few notches in the cliffs. As far as the "otter slide", Warren County originally planned on constructing a bridge over the outlet of North Pond. Shortly before the trail opening was announced they decided against the bridge. The bridge efforts were to include some stone steps up the embankment. There are still plans on improving this section. With the trail closing for the season on September 10th, this work will not begin until next spring. Long ago there was a wooden foot bridge over the outlet. The trail then immediately turned left and followed the shoreline to a spot where there was no embankment. Unfortunately any re-routes are not an option. The summit is owed by Warren County so any selective thinning of trees do not need NYS permission. At one time the views were almost 360. Some people might not be in favor of some carefully done cutting but I agree with DSettahr. The mountain has already been extensively lumbered. Losing a few more trees would restore the views we once had. As I have mentioned before, this fire tower peak is going to be very popular. When I drive by the trailhead during the week the parking lot is full.
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