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When I paddled the Yukon races, my voyageur stern man (who works as a physical therapist) got his hands on a large sheet of 1" thick flexible fairly dense solid gel that is used in hospital beds for long term patients in bed. He cut it up into individual seat size pieces for the crew. Putting it on top of molded canoe seats it made continuous paddling in excess of 24 hours at a time fairly tolerable. But the darn stuff is heavy. Dropped in the water it would quickly sink. It is also very expensive and only available in whole bed size pieces.

So I found on Amazon a kind of perforated blue gel which is almost as good, but a lot lighter weight. I put a cover on it with straps and buckles for securing it and I use in in several canoes, including my solo, with good comfort success and portability. I see now there are several different makes of the stuff available.

Sometimes if my back hurts, I pair the gel cushion with a Wenonah Super Seat
Wenonah Super Seat

The super seat does not work on a sit on bottom canoe such as the Hornbeck, so I use a cheap crazy creek type chair backrest for long distance paddling days in that boat.
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